After deleting some spam i think it might be a good time to reshare

After deleting some spam i think it might be a good time to reshare the Community Guidelines

Content which qualifies as spam

Generally, if you post the same content in more than ten locations or communities, it is probably spam.

And obviously, any of the traditional spam topics, like online pharmacies, pornography or “fast money” work schemes will earn you a report as well as get your account and content permanently removed from the community.

Content written in CAPS LOCK will be removed.
Posts from accounts that obviously only serve as an advertising outlet for a specific website or only post for SEO will be removed, reported and banned.

Commercial content

Please disclose if you work for or run a company that is involved in the products that are being discussed. If you want to share your company or product, please make sure that your post contains relevant information and doesn’t come off as blunt advertisement - we’ll let you know if you cross that line. Closed-source commercial printers, like 3DS’ or, to a certain extent, Makerbot’s printers, are not the community’s focus.

Please do not post generic articles along the lines of “3D printing is so great and it’s totally going to revolutionize everything”. This kind of article usually contains no useful information and is often sloppily thrown together to get a couple Google hits.
We will be extra critical on posts about 3D-printing-related crowdfunding campaigns.

How do I post into a specific section? Thanks.

@John_Penney under a new post there should be a select field for the Category

What’s wrong about crowdfunding discussions? Does machine X have merit, introduces a new concept etc.

@Michael_AtOz glad that you have asked, we have a lot of Crowdfunding creators just posting their super mega awesome campaign here without a comment or posting as fan of a campaign and poorly reacting to criticism from our 3dP elders