After a long hiatus I cleared off the top of my CRP-4848 and decided

After a long hiatus I cleared off the top of my CRP-4848 and decided I wanted to work on some projects.

I discovered that the high voltage power supply for the steppers would fail when three or more steppers were in motion. Tracked it down to a failing power supply and replaced it. Although, not before falsely diagnosing one of the Gecko 201x drivers as the culprit and buying one. Oh well, got a spare now.

Next up a dust shoe, new remote pendent, and a touch screen.

What are you using as control software? I’d be interested in hearing what you choose for a remote pendant, as I’m going to be adding that soon.

I just posted on my new pendant. Easy to make and install.

I’m using Mach3 with the Calypso Ventures MachStdMill screen set, which I really like. I will eventually switch to Mach4 after I write or get a screen set that matches MachStdMill’s feature set.

Looks like you simply milled some tee slots in your sacrificial board to serve as hold downs. How is that working? What kind of wood, MDF? Thx

Make that spare gecko a 4th axis rotary!

@Jay_Polo Close, the base board is a good piece of 3/4 inch birch plywood. On top of that is a half inch of MDF. The idea is to replace the MDF as needed. The t-slots were milled with the table. They work pretty well. Only annoyance I have is dropping things between the slots. It can be a challenge to fish things out if they are not magnetic.