After a long break, I've finally begun working with the ESP32.

(Jason Coon) #1

After a long break, I’ve finally begun working with the ESP32. Many thanks to @Sam_Guyer and everyone who contributed to ESP32 support!

I’ve started on an ESP32 port of the FastLED WebServer project. It is still very much a work in progress, and I welcome anyone who would like to help:

(Jeremy Spencer) #2

Cool, I started porting your audio webserver yesterday :wink:

(Tommy Sciano) #3

Are you going to be adding BLE options at all?

(chad steinglass) #4

So much thanks to you and Sam and everyone else in this community. With prices falling on WS2812b strips (getting pretty close to $0.05/pixel with some hunting on aliexpress) and the introduction of MCUs like the ESP32 with tons of memory and serious processors in an $8 package, the limits of what a hobbyist like me can dream of have literally expanded by an order of magnitude in basically one short year. Its been an exciting time!

(Jason Coon) #5

@Tommy_Sciano no plans yet, going to try to get wifi and web fully working first.

(Tommy Sciano) #6

@Jason_Coon feel free to use any of my code from my BLE ESP32 arduino

(Steve Anken) #7

Tommy, this is perfect. I have an ESP32 BLE project using App Inventor already but used another LED lib and was about to try integrating fastLED. Thank you for this. This ESP32 is just getting better every day with help from people like you. I cannot wait to see what I can do with this. The App Inventor folks suggested we might start a separate ESP32/App Inventor section. It seems to be taking off as people realize how little it costs and how much it can do.

(Steve Anken) #8

Well, it works ok but the lag is bad. I had to put a hook into my other LED lib where the tight loops were but that way I could use a slider to control some motors as I change the led patterns. I’d really like to make an App that lets the user program their own patterns using a more intuitive interface. No user interface lag is needed if there are ways to check and set a few globals as the lops run.

This is a paper clip mounted to a motor. The rotation rate and LED refresh rate make interesting moire patterns but fastLED seems to be much better than the simple version I have now. I am glad others are also interested in getting fastLED, esp32 and App Inventor working so it’s easy to have fun creating, recording and playing back various pattern combinations.
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(Steve Anken) #9

BTW, I have a color picker app for named colors that I want to check against the fastLED colors. I posted it to the App Inventor group with little interest. The list of named colors allows designers to select “Android Green” and other official colors and can be used as a color swatch to match real world stuff. Named colors has a very rich history but I only have the 800+ that was in Wiki. I like how you set the background color. I did the same thing for the list of colors.

(Steve Anken) #10

You might want to add the “StringSplitter.h” dependency to your github. I installed the lib but it’s always nice to know which ones are connected so when something breaks… Thanks again.

(Tommy Sciano) #11

@Steve_Anken Just a heads up, you can only send 20 bytes on BLE through app inventor, so if you wanted to send a string of what patterns you wanted to the App, or a serial monitor, it has to be at max 20 bytes or else it gets cut off

(Steve Anken) #12

@Tommy_Sciano , well aware of this. I send codes to switch patterns on the esp32, it does all the work. I can even send back notify for other stuff I am doing. The motor speeds are a few bytes. You can also split messages to get longer strings, someone posted code for that, but I don’t need them. My app really works nice as is but I need better color control like HLS to even come close to matching RGB screen colors on the Android. There some nice stuff in your code I will steal. Thanks and I hope we can get to the point where there is not so much duplication of this. I see a number of ESP32 BLE App inventor projects all seemingly doing the same basic thing.

(Tommy Sciano) #13

@Steve_Anken could you point me in the direction to get longer strings

(Steve Anken) #14

Let me go back and find it.

(Steve Anken) #15!searchin/mitappinventortest/ble$20long$20strings|sort:date/mitappinventortest/8C01UydGGbw/ZqEmmst9AwAJ

(Jeremy Spencer) #16

@Jason_Coon , I’m getting the “Not found: /index.htm” SPIFFS error. How have you got this working? I’ve tried the fixes suggested here but still no joy :frowning:

(Yves BAZIN) #17

@Jeremy_Spencer It’s something in the static library tools/sdk/lib/libspiffs.a.
I replaced it with the one from 70d0d4648766cea047613062ed50a9ecfc9de31f and everything worked again.
I use the latest version and then just went to an older branch to copy the library and it worked for me too

(Jeremy Spencer) #18

I tried that, no joy :frowning:
Could you share a working copy of libspiffs.a?

(Yves BAZIN) #19

@Jeremy_Spencer oki as soon as I am home

(Jeremy Spencer) #20

@Yves_BAZIN , thank you :slight_smile: