After a challenge, (somebody claimed that the Nimble didn't do retraction) I have been

After a challenge, (somebody claimed that the Nimble didn’t do retraction) I have been playing with the 3D Benchy.
Eventually ended up printing a Voronoi’d Benchy. It was fun to see it grow.

OK I grant you, not as nice as the bronze busts of your grandfather. What a great idea that was. Nothing competes with that.

Well, the boat will not float, that is for sure. Oh wait, the plastic is lighter than water.
It is as strong as normal PLA is, but it is only a single wall, so not very strong at all. It is just a decorative object.

That is cool+/+cute

No, the stl model is made that way. It is a way to test the retraction effectiveness of a printer. This is the site that I used:

I think you will need a bucket :stuck_out_tongue:

that is impressive, my extruder and bowden setup would have eaten through the filament and air printed by layer 10 on that model I am pretty sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, that is why we developed the Nimble. I got fed up with the bowden and for instance, not being able to print Ninjaflex.
Now I have a super light Remote Direct Drive extruder that allows me to do all that. My retraction is set to 1 mm on the print, on a 1 meter tall Delta.

it has artistic worth - check with engineers on mechanics - the engineering design schools are showing it in examples in LA