Advice: Which Printer to buy? I'm a high school teacher,

Advice: Which Printer to buy?

I’m a high school teacher, looking to print out some things for the science and math departments, and generally mess around a bit. Figuring I’ll lose a quite a bit of time getting familiar with the 3D creation software, I’m looking for more of a printer that is going to be easier to set up and run (as little fiddling around with settings in general as possible, although I can manage getting through some setup stuff, etc… just don’t want to have to do trial and error to find the best setting every time I print or something like that…)

I was eyeing the Afinia H series as it was seen to be easy to setup and use, but am now looking into a Type A Series 1 as it is faster printing and has a much larger printing volume.

Anyone want to chime in on advice? I figure I have about $1500 or so to spend on a machine (from the grant I received) with a bit left over to spend on plastic, etc…

Get a LeapFrog A fantastic printer, duel heads and the best support who have real people answer the phone. Time difference from USA but I really can not tell you how happy I am with this printer. So well built, best parts, crazy good output quality and it really is a unbox, power up, plug in USB, connect, Hit the Print Button.

The Afinia would be a very safe choice, by all accounts it’s one of the easiest machines to use straight out of the box. The size restriction may not be a big problem for you as well, depending on what you plan on printing.

Throwing in a suggestion to check out

I bought the Afinia with the same intention: works straight out of the box with little/no fiddling. I’ve had it since Thanksgiving, no complaints, and the output looks fantastic. I use it for prototypes and customer demos all the time.

What plastic are you using? Their premium stuff, their (afina’s) regular
stuff or something else?

Wondering if their fancy plastic was a necessary purchase or not.



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Depends on your application. I tried cheaper stuff, and parts were functional, but so-so on looks (kinda glossy). The premium stuff works great, and looks awesome as well. So when I’m test fitting stuff, I go cheaper. When I’m showing customers, I use the premium stuff.