Adventures in printing Nylon..

Adventures in printing Nylon… one of my dual 18650 battery sleds printed in @taulman_ThreeD ​ Nylon Bridge. Held down with Elmers Purple glue stick. Little to no warp at all. The Elmers wins hands down against everything I’ve tried. Printed at 50% infill at 0.28mm layer height. As a side note, I’ve also tried the Glue stick with HDGlass and XT-CF20 and it sticks a little too well in some cases. Still, well worth the purchase.



I printed mine out of NylonX (nylon carbon fiber) and love them. Saved my batteries a few times and probably a little easier to print.

I printed a model in nylon until 9 times with mistakes. Always had wrapping.
I change the orientation of model and I can printed with success. (No wrapping)
It’s an advice for everybody. :yum: