Adobe Illustrator SVG output

I have an AI file I am trying to use with Laserweb. It seems when I export to SVG everything appears to work fine. I can view the file with any SVG program and I see all the paths I have created. But when I open the file in Laserweb, only some of the paths are showing up. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong during Export. I have tried all sorts of settings in Adobe Illustrator but nothing seems to be changing. The Outside Cuts, Inside Cuts layers are both good, but all the other layers are losing a portion of the paths on those layers, sometimes a lot of them. It’s baffling why part of a word is showing up but the rest of it doesn’t. Or why some of the shapes show and others don’t.

Here is the file:

peaks by Tim

If anyone can look at it and see if they can identify what is wrong and how I might correct it, please let me know.

I am using Adobe Illustrator 25.2.3. LaserWeb 4.0.998.


I was pointed to a post that indicated I should import the file into a new Inkscape file and save as a PLAIN SVG. This corrected the problem.

Thank you!