Adjusting the power output of laser tube

Was just curious I purchased a Chinese laser with a 60W tube and by all accounts that seems to be accurate based on dimensions. I installed a milliamp meter and noted upon firing it that I’m registering at 10mA. I had read that I could increase this to roughly 22mA without to much trouble but as I increase the power I’m hearing almost a sizzle sound. Thoughts on what I’m hearing?

You might post a video of it to YouTube and link to it for those with experience here to listen to?

that sizzling sound is most likely arcing happening from the HVT in the laser PSU. There is also a small chance it can be based on the frequency you are running(although I don’t believe you can tweak that with the stock controller board). Turn off the lights and run a small job and look inside for any light flashing from the PSU or around the laser tube. Also check that the connections to the tube are well insulated and that the grounding lug on the chassis and the plug are solid.

What type of coolant are you using? Conductive coolant can cause that sound.
If it sizzles at low current that may be normal at what current does it start making noise
Do you see any bouncing on the ammeter when it sizzles?
Do you see any effects when running a job?
How old is the machine?