Adjust "home" (X,Y) on K40 cutter?

New here, quick background…

Bought this generic K40 cutter/engraver used, was all set up and ready to go from previous owner who was a engineer and pretty knowledgeable. I too have extensive experience with graphics programs, laser cutting, etc.

I just started using this machine, i noticed that the default “home” (when set to upper left), the vent duct is inside the cutting perimeter. (see photo where the laser cut that line). The duct protrudes into the “cut bed” by about 1/4" so I would have to manually jog the head down (Y) before beginning to cut. Same goes for the left-right (X), it looks like the head can go farther left another 3/4" judging by the rail. (see photo where i have a 3/4" foamboard as a spacer as index for cutting closer to the edge to save on material). This isn’t too big a deal except I frequently forget to jog the head over to the proper orgin as I run separate passes for separate layers/settings and wind up often ruining the piece when things are index off different “home” positions.

I use K40 Whisperer as my cutting program, I have gone through the entire settings and can’t find a way to move the “home” in the machine. I even went into the .txt setting files and can’t find anything. Is this something anyone else has to deal with (especially with the duct inside the cutting limits)? Or was this simply an improper location of the duct by the original owner? Would this be fixed, if possible, via the software or physically in the machine parts?

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I took my machine apart and removed the duct, cut off about and inch and a half and reinstalled everything. Not for everyone. Another option is to just put a spacer on the X cross beam where it hits the Y axis end-stop switch( back left corner. ). Or move the switch forward . Either will do the trick and reset your home position. You might consider shrinking your Y axis spec in K40 Whisperer so you get a visual which is representative of your actual working area.


I did the same - cut the duct. It’s a pretty standard “tinker” for these machines.

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The home is a default setting in the stock control board firmware and is not accessible for change. It also has to home to the back left because that’s where the limit switches are that zero the laser head position.


You could move the home position down by moving the limit switch (or the surface it interacts with), but since the work area of K40s is super tiny, making the duct shorter is definitely the way to go.

Moving the X limit switch seems tricky. Also, if you plan to upgrade the head, you may need that extra clearance.

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Yeah you could move the limit switches but the stock controlled K40 is still going to look to home in the back left. You would need to change to a different control board to alter the home location.


Meant by like 1cm, not all the way. Just enough to clear the duct.

For what it’s worth, you can flip either or both axes around (i.e. invert the motor direction) and have the machine home in any corner you like, but K40 Whisperer only supports having home in the top left or top right corners.

In LaserDRW, you can choose any corner, but support for a flipped Y is a bit half-assed and the graphic will be upside down in the preview and when you actually cut/engrave it.


@NedMan thanks, that’s what i thought would be the case

@dougl @Jammy yes, i’ve watched some youtube videos and seems like that’s a common “cure”. until i need to cut larger pieces and max out the cutting area, i will just shift the head down. I’m only cutting smaller items at the time. thanks for the input.

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