Adding Additional Stepper Modules

(jlmccuan_SW) #1

I am prototyping a new machine and need to add 2 more extruders to a Smoothie. Are there any guides or config examples to go by?

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(prussiap_SW) #2

+1 for this. I have a diamond hot end and need at least 6 steppers. Preferably more for security. I see from the smoothieboard site (i can’t link since i’m new) that I can either replace them but atleast add external stepper boards. It’s unclear if they are either/or proposition.

I can’t seem to find any info on this either. I would love to go with this board as it’s faster, has good firmware and a good reputation for printing beautiful prints.

(ZakRabbit_SW) #3

I can’t post the link, but Google comes up with a page specifically for adding in extruder modules. You’ll create a new module for each extruder, use gpio’s to the extra controllers inputs.

(jlmccuan_SW) #4

I’ve studied that part of the wiki, but was hoping someone would document their process.

(Arthur Wolf) #5

Hi there.

I updated to wiki documentation to be more clear/complete :

Please tell me if there is anything missing, that you don’t understand, or that I should add.

Thank you.

(jlmccuan_SW) #6

That is a great wiki! I was able to follow and understand. Of course, when I start setting it up, I’m sure I’ll do it wrong 2 or 3 times. But the info is there to figure it out. Thanks.