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Awesome! Do you plan on detailing the build process?

@Jason_Smith I noticed the Eustathios Carriage A 1 V1.0 had stl errors. I corrected it between rhino and netfab cloud. Do you want the corrected file? The existing errors cause one of the e3d fan holes to close over and zip tie passage errors when sliced in cura and slic3r.

@Eclsnowman , thanks for the heads-up. I remember having to clean things up prior to printing my carriage, but must not have retraced those steps properly when exporting for youmagine. If you’d be willing share the file with me, I’d really appreciate it!


@Eclsnowman , Thanks! I updated the files.

@Jason_Smith Are you using one LM10LUU bearing per side on Z? I am going to pickup the last remaining mechanical items this weekend. Also do you have a suggestion for sourcing a selection of m5 bolts and other items for the build. I am trying to source them up front. All the hardware runs for expensive metric bolts on my COREXY build killed my budget.

@Eric Lien, if you have time, you should be able to source most of the hardware from aliexpress or eBay. I ended up buying a good portion of mine from, which cost quite a bit more, but shipped very quickly from the states. Yes, I used 1 lm10luu per side for the z. They fit perfectly in the bed mounts.

@Jason_Smith thanks.