Added a new macro to show folks how to create their own buttons to

Added a new macro to show folks how to create their own buttons to do custom things.

Hey John, I’m sure you have plenty of time at hand so why not start a new project :slight_smile:

A web-interface to device-data. Gauges, bar-graphs, buttons, sliders, that stuff. Using MQTT for device-interface.

I can provide the MQTT broker for testing and a MQTT enabled device (Arduino Ethernet based).

There seems to be lot of JavaScript widgets out there that can be used, but it’s above my skill-level :slight_smile:

Hey Michael, to a large degree ChiliPeppr is a web interface to device-data already. The TinyG widget is especially one with its slider and data boxes. I agree with you that getting gauges would be nice.

The macro feature could be used to insert the PWM values for the Quiet Cut spindle, right? I think the values get lost when the browser is closed. These are the values:

A way to record macros would be cool!

BTW I got ChiliPeppr working and it works great!

Hi Tomas, you can save a macro. There is a little floppy disk icon at the top of the macro window. Click that and it will save it. It is located under the little “caret” menu. The first line of your code becomes the macro name. There is no auto-load on start feature for macros, but that is an upcoming feature. For now, just reload your macro manually each time.