Add Red Dot Laser Pointer to K40

I’m trying to install a red dot laser pointer that I bought from American_Photonics. I know that I can’t install it to the Cohesion3D LaserBoard, and I shouldn’t install it on the LPSU. I seem to remember reading here, or somewhere) to cut the end off of an old cellphone charger - I found one that’s rated of 5V - 1.0A

I didn’t get the results I was looking as the beam is comet shaped and barely visible once you’re past about 4-6 inches away. Am I doing something wrong or have the wrong expectations of the pointer?

That doesn’t look right to me. I’d expect a dot.

The only American Photonics device I have is a reverse laser alignment tool and it doesn’t have this kind of problem.

(Yes, 5V 1.0A should be more than plenty.)

Did you install the pointer in the holder?
Any chance you got some silicon on the lens?

What charger are you using and what is the voltage and current rating on it.

I have that too along with their K40 adjustable focus lens. Those are solid and quality built products so I’m very disappointed with this…

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I did not, it’s a pre-assembled unit from American-Photonics.

It doesn’t look like it, but the pointer end has a 3D printed cap with a hole in it. I’m wondering if it’s not centered on the hole.

5V - 1A

Looks to me like the beam is impeded some way… Bad lense
I would send back or pull out the diode and inspect…

What does the beam look like when you shine it at an angle? Most are meant to be used at an angle and not straight on.

I’m going to wait to rip it apart until they reply to my support email. I have two other products of theirs and they are solidly built.

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Just the same.