Acrylic has some great optical properties.

Acrylic has some great optical properties. Hard to see how vibrant it looks in person with LEDs lighting it along the edges. Cut on a 3040 upgraded to TinyG and Chilipeppr. I added Z max and got the homing probe working but need to add x and y homing/limit switches. I want to do more of these conversions because the results are really so detailed and the machine such a pleasure to use with low noise. The little spindle is just like the big boys but I have not hooked up the PWM spindle control yet.

Gorgeous stuff. Incredible detail. How big was the Gcode file?

64k 3,860 lines 9min 3 sec duration.

Very cool! What was used to create the design?

It’s a file I found on the web that I took into ArtCAM to create the gcode toolpath for Chilipeppr to send to the 3040. ArtCAM is a great tool for artists even the $150 entry level version. The pro level is amazing but I don’t know many artists who can afford software that is 10 times the price of one of these 3040s.

That looks great. What depth of cut did you use?

I messed up the depth but it’s hard to see. On the lower left, the left half is a tad deeper, a bit wider and brighter. I like it better and wish I had done the whole thing at about -.01" but I raised it up to -.005" and did a second run for most of the image. I love how it repeats even long jobs so well. I’ve done 30 minutes then reset z and cut again with no missed registration. I was working with the probe to dial in the Z zero.