Accomplished this weekend: Heated Bed wired to relay(I'll MOSFET-ize it later),

Accomplished this weekend:

Heated Bed wired to relay(I’ll MOSFET-ize it later), then wiring upgraded from 16 Gauge to 12 gauge. Verified long term up to 100C (lesson learned: Infrared non-contact thermometer doesn’t work: no reflective surfaces! Measures 25C on the aluminum plate, 80C on the heater surface…plate sure felt hotter than 25C. :slight_smile: )

Buck Step down converter installed to power raspberry Pi (

Extruder motor assembly installed but not wired.

Broken: Left side top pulley assembly. Oops.

Reason I’m posting: Between Boy Scout campouts and Halloween (a BIG deal with my family: ), I’ll most likely not get to work on the printer til November. :frowning:

Thanks for the tip for the converter, I picked up a few as well just now, great to have for misc uses:P

I used this relay, it’s been working great.

I did ofcourse disable PID mode in Marlin and use bang-bang instead, but temperature stability is no problem at all.
What relay did you use?

@Mike_Miller Ok, this is a nice looking power widget with some beefy looking caps and all…but the haunted house!?! WOW! I’m betting your kids LOVE it! :smiley:

@Shauki I drop the temperature a few degrees per 5 layers at the top of narrow parts where the layers take less than 3 seconds.