Absolutely amazing work Mathias.

(Adam Marshall) #1

Absolutely amazing work Mathias. Downloaded the full version twice now (different android accounts), Works amazingly well.

I’m starting to build and sell 3D printers and am planning on shipping the printers with 7" tablets and your software installed (a new google account and app per machine) Would you have anything against this ? A tad bit messy cos i’ll need to register a new google account for each machine each time to buy this app but not sure of a way around it.

Happy to buy the app per machine of course, just the google account part is a bit messy.

Any chance we could sort something like I pay you via paypal for say 10 copies at a time that I can install as an APK on a device without an account (Linked to that devices hardware ID or something) ? (i’m not a software guy just thinking here)



(Mathias Dietz) #2

Hi Adam, absolutely, I can provide you a customized version which can be activated via license keys. Please contact me by email to clarify the details (gcode@dietzm.de)