About the bans Things got overheated over the past couple months and we'd like

About the bans

Things got overheated over the past couple months and we’d like to try to calm things down a bit. We’ve even seen people forced out that we wish were still here. We’re going to try a couple things to try to make this a more welcoming place.

First, we released the bans on non-spam accounts. When we looked we noticed that some of the bans were over a certain sensitive topic (below). Other bans were from someone who felt slighted. Some bans we have no idea what happened or who did it. We, the current developers, don’t believe that a single person feeling slighted should be enough to trigger a ban. On the other hand, a personal attack is enough to warrant a ban. We’re switching from a ban-hammer-free-for-all to a more controlled system. If you’re a moderator, please see the note at the bottom. If you believe a moderator acted in error, please send me, @Jorge_Robles , and @cprezzi (all 3!) a private message and we’ll look into it.

The Smoothieware/LW stuttering problem, for now, is off topic both in this community and in LW’s GitHub Issues. The problem is a tough one and developer nerves are on edge from dealing with it. The LW developers are stepping back from this problem for a while. There are 2 known workarounds: SD card and GRBL-LPC. If you bring the problem up, we’ll give you a warning and point you to this posting. Other non-performance related problems with Smoothie are OK, as long as they’re not initial setup questions; those belong in the card-specific communities or the Smoothie community.

Moderators: please continue banning spam accounts and deleting spam messages as normal. If you believe a non-spam post should be removed or a user banned, please send a private message to @Jorge_Robles , @cprezzi , and myself (all 3!) to discuss it first.

@Todd_Fleming ​ well said brother…

An adult decision… I wish the Internet community could be adult too, then we wouldn’t need banhammers!

Well done!

Finally a common sense approach…

@Todd_Fleming . I am sorry about bringing this up on here again, but as a Noob I don’t understand what or how to install the so called “grbl -LPC fix”
Is there an idiots guide as to what to do and how so I could install the fix until such times as a resolution has been found.?
I have tried running from the card but for some reason no matter if I zero my bed to 0/0 or 0/200 the laser starts in a different position every time I run it.
Would appreciate some nooby help with the fix please!

@E_Caswell It’s OK to ask questions about installing grbl-lpc in this community since there’s to other place to ask right now. Please create a new posting for your question.