About general ABS characteristics : I've been printing about 2 weeks or so,

About general ABS characteristics :

I’ve been printing about 2 weeks or so, I have been using 225 for the hot end.
Orange - prints perfect
Yellow - gets hairs but prints perfect
Black - got lots of hairs , layers split

So , am I right that 225 is perfect for orange, slightly low for yellow and even more low for black and hairs when I purge the nozzle mean its too low. (it is actually elasticity we are observing right? which is a characteristic of low temp as a lack of elasticity means you cooked it)

The temperature depends on your actual plastic composition, ABS from different suppliers will vary significantly. “Orange” from another supplier may require 270C to print properly. It really depends on where you bought the plastic from.

Coloured ABS is usually worse performing compared to natural ABS as the dyes are basically contaminants which alter the properties of the ABS.

12 months of printing at 230-240c with 11 different ABS color filaments. Makerbot, Ultimaker, and Octave Jet brands.

Yep that was what i figured, black is all the colors, so it is common sense there is more ‘junk’ to warm up. Being a total noob I wasnt sure if it was that easy. Thanks guys. Judging by the ridiculously good prints Im getting now, I’d say that was it.