About 6 months ago,

About 6 months ago, there was a lot of talk about simplify3d with many rave reviews. I am thinking about purchasing a copy, but wanted to see if it is still the best software out there. Can anyone who uses this software tell me if you think it is still worth the $140 price? Since they do not offer any trial version, I am a bit hesitant to spend so much without being able to try it first.

Any suggestions for other software? I run Linux so I am interested in ones that work on that platform.

Materialise are increasingly rolling out build processors for the likes of Leapfrog and Felix Robotics I can’t imagine it will be long before we see them with some open-source software that is similar.

I have never had regret about my purchase. Worth the price if you value your time. It will save you tremendous time debugging prints especially with support materials.

Certainly worth the money.

The support support (lol) is worth the price alone.

Customer support is also great.

I have 2 licenses (one purchased, one from my leapfrog HS), I use it on my leapfrog and mendelmax for more complex objects. for my ultimaker2 Cura still is the best solution. Simplify is worth the money. a lot of features and best option to create support on your objects. other software I use is Slic3r … but I hate the fact it’s limited on changing directions of the object (rotation etc.)

If you give me a tricky STL you have had trouble with, what machine you are running (build volume, heated bed or no, etc), and what settings your printer likes from your current slicer I will generate you the gcode to test yourself. Proof is in the pudding.

I love it once I dialed in all my settings. Worth every penny to me.

It’s great for some things, but not for everything. Dual extrusion being the biggest hurdle it’s facing right now. Cura is presently much easier to work with for duals and the only real slicer that has features capable for the Cyclops.

That said simplify3d has a fantastic feature set and allows for more control on most all features. The customizable support is really just icing on top of a great cake. It doesn’t sell the product in my opinion, because designing for no support is still ideal, but it does add that bit of “ok maybe this is worth it”

I don’t really think it’s worth the $140 for MOST users. Unless you plan on printing very artsy stuff that needs a lot of overhangs, your company is paying for it, or you have a lot of failures from other slicers.

I have most all slicers but I primarily use Cura for a number of reasons.

I’m trying to find a cad that’s easier to learn. Blender I’d have to get a graduates lol. I played with tinker cad on the web and was too easy. Anything besides blender that’s easier to navigate?

@Zane_Mitchell , I’d try FreeCAD, DesignSpark Mechanical (Windows Only, based on Catia), or, if you don’t mind pirating crazy expensive software (or buying cheaply if you’re a student!) SolidWorks (Also, boo, windows only)

@Zane_Mitchell Easier to learn and most useful aren’t really connected in most cases. I suggest learning a useful software instead of spending time bumbling around something easy but not very powerful.

For parametric modeling, Autodesk Inventor Fusion is pretty powerful and free on OSX, but they only have a trial of Fusion 360 on PC. Creo Elements is pretty powerful as well and free. For paid nothing really comes close to solidworks. There’s also software like OpenSCAD and FreeCAD but I wouldn’t really consider those easy.

For Organic/Mesh modeling Blender is probably the best free option. Then there’s paid options like Maya or 3Ds Max. Autodesk gives trials of almost all their software if you have a .edu email.

Though there’s tons of options out there that I can’t remember right now. I do know this question comes up quite a lot if you search around here.

The 3D printing team at Adafruit was just talking about Simplify3D in last weeks hangout. They mentioned the supports feature alone was worth it.

I think they might be doing a review of the software sometime this week if not during Thursday’s hangout.

@Zane_Mitchell I use 123D design from autodesk . easy to learn and good enough for the most parts…

Wow! I didn’t expect so many responses in such a short time.
Thank you, everyone for responding. I think my question is answered. I will be purchasing a copy. One of the main problems I have always had, is with support material leaving a lot of cleanup to do. I try to minimize how much will be needed, but that sometimes has it’s limitations. Since support material is one of the items that Simplify3D excels at, I think it will be with the money to me.

I would like to narrow down to one.

But @Frank_Adons I’ll try that. I’m willing to buy to a point.

@ThantiK Is there a plan to get the Deltamaker supported? If so, when?

Easily worth the money!!! Many many times over, in fact!

@Jason_Doege the DeltaMaker is supported. We print with it all the time, I’m working on getting a support page up on our website which we’ll provide the downloads for. If you want, hit my email anthony at deltamaker and I’ll mail the .fff file to you.