Aand it perform beautifully :) next setting up the 2nd tower for IDEX with

Aand it perform beautifully :slight_smile: next setting up the 2nd tower for IDEX with independent Z

Hence the name of the printer ZideX :slight_smile:

Print area 118 x 118

That is a very elaborate machine


All of that for that tiny print area?

@James_Coyle IDEX by its nature isn’t extremely space efficient due to 2 moving carriages that need clearance with each other.

@Step_Cia Are you using the Duex2 or Duex5?

@Adam_Steinmark I’m using it with duex5

@James_Coyle it’s “relatively” tiny because I designed it around openbuilds so I didn’t have to design custom plates to hold everything together instead I just play around like lego and start building it virtually in fusion360. Openbuilds have their STP file of every component they have so that helps cutting the design time a lot.

@Step_Cia ​​ I’ve never seen an independent printhead setup before. What advantage do you get over something like the prusa multi material style or dual extruders on the single carriage?

I do like the c-beam (or is it just two 20x40s?) usage for the bed though. Think I’ll use that in my build.

Looks cool as hell, at least :slight_smile:

@James_Coyle It’s similar to the BCN3D Sigma, Leapfrog Bolt, IDEX version of the Makergear M3. Step can elaborate but his design adds independent Z control for each hotend. The advantages over the Y splitter method that Prusa uses are that you can print any 2 materials, not just ones of similar print temps, and you don’t have to use a ton of material on a wipe tower. Over a dual extruder setup, you don’t have to painstakingly calibrate the nozzle height or worry about ooze shields. For me all this means is that I can print any material with PVA or BVOH supports, giving perfect overhangs every time. Since Step has integrated independently controlled leadscrews he also has the ability to ditto print (print multiple copies of an item) simultaneously without having to make sure both nozzles are at the exact same height. You can also use this setup or any standard IDEX setup with smaller nozzle for perimeters and top/bottom layers while using a wider nozzle for infill to save print time.

What is it

Wow this is awesome

You are genius

Damn I feel like skynet is bout to print using your printer


This is a peice of art that can print art. I watched your short YouTube post of it too. It’s smoothing running from what I saw. How are you liking the DUET functionality. Also I’m thinking of doing a small crane. I may reach out for tips

Thanks :slight_smile: the single extruder printing is not the reason why I chose the Duet. There are plenty board out there that can do as good of quality print at cheaper cost. The 2nd tower extruder is why I chose Duet and sorry no conclusion yet :slight_smile: still in progress.

Cool )How it cost?

can you show what you’ve printed

I don’t want to flood the community with my build. I post more frequently here