aaargh. cracked my two xends on my i3 build :( those tolerances are VERY

aaargh. cracked my two xends on my i3 build :frowning: those tolerances are VERY tight for M8 smooth rod. :frowning: le sigh.

Mine were very tight too. I ended up reaming them out with a drill bit. Good luck.

I also kind of wondered why they attached to such a long piece of the 8mm rod. That’s a LOT of rod to slide through those holes. (That’s what she said)

But, on a serious note: why not attach a much shorter length of the rod? Maybe I should make a clamp-style version.

You have access to another printer to get replacements right? I can send you pla (out of abs atm) ones, they’ll get you up and running but you’ll probably have to replace them some time. No charge if you’re located US continental.

I’m getting some replacements from sgraber who made my original set. One thing I noticed was the print head ran horizontal/parallel to the m8 rod slots, so pushing the rod in just opened up the filament lines. I’m guessing if the print head ran vertical it might not have happend…

@ThantiK Clamping to a short piece of rod might cause the x-ends to swivel around the z-rods when a tight belt is used. I’ve seen it on my 90 and am considering a redesigned x-end with a longer clamping area.

@Stuart_Bloody_Cactus good to hear. Seemecnc then? Did you get their lasercut frame? I’ve been thinking about getting that through them.

yep, I have the seemecnc frame that uses sgrabers’ supports. If your on the fence, I suggest waiting a bit as it looks like he has a modified frame that removes all the threaded rod hassles. looks good.

Holy crap that’s ugly.

well its all laser cut, removes all the threaded rod from the scaffolding, bunch of printed parts. removing a bunch of printed parts speeds up production time. removing a bunch of threaded rod and hardware means a lot less buying mixed parts (m3/m4/m5/m8 or 1/4,5/16 etc). I like the look of the threaded rod, but I can see this being useful (less calibration of the frame) for someone who would be intimidated by hacksaw up threaded rod and break out the calipers

@ThantiK I thought it looked nice, clean, stable. @Stuart_Bloody_Cactus the seemecnc one just like those flicker images? Because the image on their website doesn’t match.

the pic I linked is I think an in-development version sgraber is working on, not for sale yet.

The reason it looks ugly to me, is that it reminds me of a Makerbot Cupcake.