AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! (in true Charlie Brown style).

AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!! (in true Charlie Brown style).

I have been waiting weeks for the final part needed to complete the build of my Ox. So, today was ‘complete NEMA23 z-axis day’. Only, due to a completely bone-headed engineering oversight, it’s back to the drawing board for wiring.

Still, at least I have mounted my spindle, laid my GT3 belt, mostly wired the drag chain, squared the bed, torqued up all the fasteners, just need to finish the limit switches, solder the spindle connectors and wire them into the VFD, connect the water-cooling, finish soldering the Smoothie and mount it with it’s cooling fans and we’re cutting… well, we’ll be registering and calibrating, but then we’ll be cutting… the extrusion for the build of the Routy…

Maybe I will get to make something other than CNC machines this month… I need a stool in the workshop, my back is killing me.

Same thing with experimental airplanes, when you get 90% done, you have 90% to go.

It’s not going to be that bad… although I do seem to have put it off over the weekend…