A word of advice when you keep multiple copies of Cura around

If you keep multiple copies of Cura around, please keep in mind the following:
The settings and machine profiles are not all the same across the lot of them unless you make sure they are.
You might want to keep links/executables for the different copies of Cura in different parts of the desktop to keep the tuned settings away from the untuned settings.

I imagine this is also relevant when you have multiple copies of other slicers on hand. I just realized how different my machine profiles and other slicer settings were. No wonder my first layer porn looked like someone shit the bed. I forgot that I never tuned in the version of Cura that I was using.

The way it works specifically, at least on a Mac, is that when you first launch a new version, it will make a copy of the existing settings (for the most recent version you’ve used) and do any conversions necessary. Those settings will be stored separately, so if you make changes in the newer version, they will not be reflected in the old one, and any changes to the settings in the old version that you make AFTER your first launch of the new version will not carry over to the newer one.