A tour of my modified 3020T CNC Router and a description of a problem

A tour of my modified 3020T CNC Router and a description of a problem I’m having using the touch plate homing cycle

Awesome video. Love the mod. Ok, my first thought is that you are actually fine and that the Z position known by TinyG is correct but you are not getting a position update for some reason in the UI. I would suggest you manually jog up in the Z by 1mm and I bet you’ll get some position updates and thus you’ll see you are fine. It almost feels like the signals are coming back out of order. What version of firmware are you running? I can’t tell from the video because it’s blurry.

Thanks! In the video towards the end, before I re-initiate the probe cycle, I actually jogged it up about 5 mm before hitting run again, which I guess is odd because that should show on the axis display too right? I had also tried jogging it across x and y too just in case, but no dice. The firmware is 440.18, and here are the commands that were sent:

G21 G91 (Use mm and rel coords)
G38.2 Z-20 F45
G28.3 Z15.65
G91 G0 Z2

Also, a couple times, during this repeated cycle of trying to probe, the bit would touch the plate and everything would just stop. It was almost like the TinyG itself crashed or something, and I think the motor might have been energized. It didn’t try to move too far or anything though, and the probe never beeped, it just touched the plate and then everything froze. I had to reset the TinyG to resume testing.

I think you found a bug in TinyG. @Alden_Hart may have some ideas on the fact that you had to reset. I actually have had this happen to during a probe that’s why I think it may be a bug.