A tour of ChiliPeppr Cayenn devices, how they work,

A tour of ChiliPeppr Cayenn devices, how they work, and what your Gcode needs to look like to use this amazing new feature.

How strange, I understood it. You do know that you move very fast and I wonder how much people get if they have not tried it. I am still learning NodeMCU and Lua but I find it very easy to learn with your workspace. I will try it with chilipeppr but It does suck up a lot of time and I have a lot of speaker cabinets to make after the CES show was a success for the guys who designed the speakers we build for them. I have to make money somehow… :slight_smile:

@jlauer Is your only reason for using NodeMCU to accomodate multiple Cayenn devices or devices? Would there be any benefit to NodeMCU if I’m running one laser? How and what are you using multiple lasers for? I’m just trying to add wood engraving to my CNC router. BTW thank you for all u do. Always sharing the extension possibilities down here in Silicon Valley with microprocessor tinkerers.

For one laser, just hook it up to the spindle on/off pin of your CNC controller. Cayenn is really cool if you’re trying to control multiple devices in parallel. I’m doing Cayenn so I can control lots of devices like solder paste dispensers, UV curing lights, glue dispensers, fans, etc.

My larger goal has been to do more of the PCB creation process on my CNC machine and one of the steps I’m attempting is Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) where you just laser cure the traces and then etch.

@jlauer Been a while…Getting ready to test a laser. Discovered your video showing how to drop an SVG into Chilipeppr, very cool. Comes in mirrored though? Not really hung up on that. I may want to do shading on wood, not sure how laser’s accomplish this. Assuming has something to do with TTL; that being said how do I hook up TTL to the TinyG. The ttl in on the laser driver has blue & white terminals. I would like to control laser’s output with percentage using the M3. If I have to use M7 that’s fine. Using a dedicated to power supply for a steady 12 volts. I am using a 440nm blue 2W laser. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

found this nice post but still not clear on TTL


Take a look at the Font widget in ChiliPeppr or the SVG widget in ChiliPeppr and go ahead and generate the Gcode from that widget. One of the choices when generating is to pick M3 or M7. I also show you how to set your TTL power setting in the widget in the small font next to the M3/M7 radio buttons.

Also, if you take a look again at that Cayenn video in this post, I use a 5A laser driver from http://Aliexpress.com for my powerful blue laser. I use a 3A laser driver also from Aliexpress for my UV laser. Both of those drivers can be hooked up to TinyG directly, rather than the way I did it from a NodeMCU. Both those drivers take a TTL input in which can be hooked up to the spindle TTL on TinyG. Then you literally are just turning your spindle on and off in the Gcode to toggle the laser on or off.

So I connected white line of ttl to spindle and blue to ground. White would be hot in traditional wiring. Voila!