A third Benchy print and the results https://youtu.be/InQM0juCAfg I've tuned the extrusion multipliers etc

A third Benchy print and the results

I’ve tuned the extrusion multipliers etc (as noted by @Eclsnowman and I’ve upped my print temps on this one to 225(PLA). Not sure if that might not be a tiny bit high? My bridging still needs work. 4mm retractions have helped some of the blobs between various rapid start/stop points. Tiny bit of stringing but not too bad. Increased the # of top layers (5) which seems to have helped fill in the ‘decking’ a bit better vs my last print. Not sure what caused the defect at the underside of the bow?

Still more to do but … I’m getting there.

Btw @Eclsnowman I did post my FFF on my last posting, hope it works.

You may still have a bit of whether under-extrusion or need to increase overlap between shell and infill. Looking good otherwise. What was the speed it was printed at?

Looking much better. Sorry I haven’t gotten to look at the factory file yet. I will try to review it this weekend.

@Michael_Memeteau I’m not in front of the PC but where do I adjust the overlap? It feels like I’m under extruding a bit (I’m using 84% of 1.75mm filament) … dunno if that much is normal. It was printed at 60mm/s I believe?

@Eclsnowman no panic on the FFF, I’d forgot to tag you on that post so wasn’t sure if you’d seen it.

Going to keep chipping away at the quality, and also start working on reliability as well… not always consistent on first layer adhesion. Might be the homing speed? Not sure.

@jerryflyguy Which slicer are you using?

@Michael_Memeteau simplfy3d

@jerryflyguy ​ if you are running that low of a multiplier on PLA, do an air extruder of 100mm of filament to double check your Esteps on the extruder. Mark filament back to a datum on the extruder body, measure, extrude 100mm, measure, take difference between first and second measurement (should be 100mm). If not adjust Esteps by %error between theoretical and actual, rerun air extrude until it comes in correct:)

@Eclsnowman I did it originally w/ out the extruder and then redid it last week while extruding 300mm of filament… was w/in 1mm (less) of perfect (after a slight tweak) so I’m confident it’s correct.