A sneak peek at my new pcb widget,

A sneak peek at my new pcb widget, the two boards rendered here are KiCad pcb files, the plan is to make it easy to support multiple types of board files, as a start KiCad & Eagle are supported, development is still at early stage, it might take months before this widget can see the light as a functional widget.

Kicad…cool. I am not paying for Eagle. Free or bust!

Awesome @ameen.nihad you are my hero. Keep going!

This is awesome. 4 layer kicad, huh.

Base eagle is still free.

Oh my Lord. Kicad support is a massive achievement!

I will add that the eagle import widget is the most advanced widget I ever worked on so I can only imagine what you’ve gone through to get this far.

wayyyy looking forward to kicad support :slight_smile:

I need also the KiCad support in ChiliPeppr with GRBL

Hi, there are any news from this project?

I’ve been fully occupied the past 8 weeks with some projects at work, unfortunately, no progress made since I created this post.