A short demonstration of removal of ABS printed support material from a model sliced

A short demonstration of removal of ABS printed support material from a model sliced by Kisslicer. Note that this is one of the less good prints that exhibits some delamination in a couple of areas.

I haven’t experimented a lot with support yet, but I’ve found that using an xacto knife along the edge of where the support meets the model gives a pretty good result.

I can’t view the video. Can you post a link in the comments?

Thanks, Thomas.

That looks great! Thank you!

Was the support made by slicer or did you make it manually?

This is the support that Kisslicer created automatically on the Medium density setting. I find it much easier to remove than Slic3r’s support material.

Wow, that was difficult to watch from the standpoint of how hard it was to clean up. I hope we see better algorithms on the minimalizing use of support along with integration of bridging to make that a much less arduous task. I really appreciate the video though and I like that you did it in real-time.

very good print! I am a beginner and wondering how to learn to use skeinforge. I can’t find complete tutorial and difficult to adjust the settings. I just got my prusa mendel for a week. No good printings are made.

Have you tried using Slic3r instead of skeinforge? It’s much faster and generally easier for beginners. There’s also a very good calibration guide written by TriffidHunter at https://github.com/alexrj/Slic3r/wiki/Calibration.

thank you for your advice. I have searched a lot of info for skeinforge and don’t want to give up at this point. Some one introduced Repetier Host to me and it looks versatile and simple. Too many options…

thanks for your advice. I spent 4 days in Skeinforge and gave up. Slic3r is certainly much easier and faster than skeinforge. I spent only few minutes to get prints with better result.