A question. What should the difference in height of the two round bars be?

A question. What should the difference in height of the two round bars be?

I’m going through ground down M5 nuts and printed frame braces at a prodigious rate.


Is that the gap or the distance between centres?

I kept all sides loose, then added the carriage, and kept moving and snugging until the carriage was moving smoothly, and the bars were parallel with the horizontal support structure.

I had thought that to just wanted to make sure I got the ballpark right to design the rod carriages. Working backwards from a hot end carriage is a plan I can live with. 100 M5x12 so far and I’ve run out again. Should have worked out how many beforehand but I’m enjoying the journey.

This spacer might help: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1rU7sHY9d8qVnp2WWxxZTFCNVU&usp=sharing via @Eclsnowman

@Richard_Mitchell center to center.

Vertical spacing for rotating rods is 20mm, and 14mm for non rotating rods. I change bearing holder on one axis to align the rods base on the frame. Will post it for anyone want to try.

@Richard_Mitchell I see that you use non self-aligning bushing. Interested to know how this work out for you. Keep us posted.

@hon_po I forgot I was thinking of the central rods. Thanks.

I’m also using 8mm rods for both rotating and non rotating because the whole design is smaller. Hopefully I can knock another centimetre or two off the dimensions when I can do motion testing.

I don’t suppose there’s a design I can base the xy blocks on for 8mm rods and bronze bushes anywhere?

@Richard_Mitchell ​ 8mm bronze self align bushings have the same OD as the 10mm. No changes needed for the printed parts.

Ok. I see you are using plain bushings.

Just trying to use the simplest cheapest parts I can, after all I have a 3D printer so I can do rapid prototyping :slight_smile: