A proper alternative to Makerbot's controversially discussed thingiverse.

A proper alternative to Makerbot’s controversially discussed thingiverse. Content is a bit sparse at the moment, but you can change that!
Try it out at http://youmagine.com

Originally shared by Erik de Bruijn

If you feel like it, please invite your 3D printing friends! And please re-share in the circles that should know about it!

@Ultimaker staff and I will post updates to this new sharing platform that is about You!
YouMagine is a “community in progress”, so expect lots of new things and great integration with both Cura and things like the Doodle3D box! Also, since YouMagine is about you we will listen to you to make sure it develops in a way that is good for the community.

YouMagine development is sponsored by Ultimaker, but everyone passionate about 3D printing is welcome!

Don’t know whether to upload all my thingiverse stuff or just put up new stuff. Should I put it on both so that people can find it. What do you think?

It would be great if they could add a scraper tool, I’d love to add my Thingiverse things if it was 1-click easy.

I have my one model on both sites. The Youmagine site worked nice and quick to get my pictures and my STL file posted. I had issues trying to do the same on Thingiverse.

@Misha_Tikh . YouMagine does have an API, but it wouldn’t look good if we use both TV and YM’s API’s to copy content, or write a tool to do that. For a user to do this might be different. Anyway, I published the documentation for it yesterday. https://www.youmagine.com/api

I understand that scraping everything is not good, but if there was a tool like http://socialphotos.net/ it would make it a lot easier to transfer both ways.

Right, a “migration tool” like the one that Wordpress provides would be a completely reasonable feature to offer new users :slight_smile:

@John_Ridley , good point. We’ve got json feeds, but rss not yet. I’m adding that to the features to add.