A project to show from design to assembly.

A project to show from design to assembly.

  • SketchUp for design
  • Illustrator for organizing layers and make tabs
  • LaserWeb4 for gcode generation and machine control

Very fast video :).
Why did you use illustrator between the SU and LW steps?

I just like to organize and make layers in AI. Also I make the tabs there. That will go away once we get rotation in LW ( coming really soon )

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty another question what controller did the router have?

@donkjr ​ I use a gshield GrBL board

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty thanks getting ready to turn on my tinyG wondering about LW connection.

@donkjr ​ Tinyg is supported, just not sure how much. @cprezzi ​ ?

@donkjr TinyG support is implemented but still needs testing. Would be nice if you test :wink:

@cprezzi seems I will have no choice when I get my OX wired up …lol. You can follow the journey here.

Simple & ingenious :slight_smile: Love it. Thanks for sharing the process too.