A new type of 3D printer (based on a really old concept) ?

A new type of 3D printer (based on a really old concept) ?
I don’t think this setup can provide the needed precision for 3D printing but
it does seem like fun building one.

Cool, not quite as fun to watch as a Delta style, still interesting though.
The movement seems a little ‘wobbly’ is the best term I can think of, not seeing any sharp turns/corners in the movement but as you statd the geometry has not been set yet. Curious to see it perform one the firmware been configured.

I believe this is just a scara setup, but with a pantograph arm? No reason why it can’t work well.

Wobble is one reason. I can think of some more as well.

Whether or not it’s a viable alternative design, it’s just so cool to watch. It reminds me of an old old Disney cartoon set in a world’s fair that heavily featured robot arms for automated barbers and tailors and other things like that.

It needs a face above the arms