A new release of FreeCAD ​.

A new release of @FreeCAD ​. Get it while its hot!

Originally shared by Normand Chamberland

FreeCAD 0.15.4671 is out!
After some weeks of delay, FreeCAD 0.15 was finally released for Windows and MacOS X on April 8th, and I just uploaded packages for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 14.10. I may need to fix some quirks and upload updated packages, but it seems functional so far.

The download links are not all updated yet, so here they are:
Windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/files/FreeCAD%20Windows/FreeCAD%200.15/
MacOS X: http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/files/FreeCAD%20MacOSX/FreeCAD%200.15/
Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/~freecad-maintainers/+archive/ubuntu/freecad-stable

I’ll be interested in FreeCAD when the Units Project is finished. Until then the software is useless to me.

I though it was finished in the last version? You can use any units you want in FreeCAD. Preferences -> General -> Units.

That is new. I suppose 12 years isn’t too long to wait for a feature.

Waiting for the CAM2 module…

Might be another 20 years before you see that.

@Marcus_Wolschon ​​ have you seen the Path module? https://github.com/yorikvanhavre/FreeCAD/tree/path-module?files=1

It allows tool path creation on FreeCAD and saving of machine specific gcode. It should be getting merged into master in the near future.

@Daniel_Wood Does it have an SPI for toolpath generators, so I can inset my 4/5/6-axis inverse kinematic code between FreeCAD and the TPG?