A new Beta version of is available.

A new Beta version of #GCodePrintr is available.
GCodePrintr 2.63 comes with several bug fixes and can use the build-in camera of your Android device to take pictures and show it on the web interface. This allows you to remotely watch the 3D printer (even without using the 3rd party Webcam App)

btw. I have created a new category “beta feedback” in this community to collect all feedback for the beta release.

Please share with your 3D printer friends and colleagues.

To participate in the open beta, you need to opt-in here:

Great app. I have successfully installed v2.52 on a old samsung s3 and seems to work fine! Only issue I cannot find an option to use web interface (I have installed IP webcam app). How can access gcode printr from my laptop?

@Michelangelo_Corcell 1. enable the web interface in the preferences (Communication-> Web Interface). 2. Establish the printer connection.
3. Once the connection is established the web interface is available on the tablet IP port 2323 (e.g. )

Thanks!!! it works!!! Looking forward to try v2.63