A new beta version of is available (v2.68).

A new beta version of #GCodePrintr is available (v2.68).
New Features are:
-Dialog to enter customer step size for manual movements
-Dialog to control Fan speed (long press on Fan button)
-Send line numbers and checksum to the printer
-Sort & Filter the recent file list
-new web interface layout (work in progress)
-new printers added to supported list (e.g. Tevo Tornado)
-several minor improvement

To participate in the open beta, you need to opt-in here:


I do not know how to use the link you mention above to access the beta. Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

@Miguel_Sanchez ​ Sorry the link got truncated when I copied it. Try this one: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.dietzm.gcodesimulatorprinter

Thanks, Mathias.

I appreciate that your app is still developing!