A mount to fit the Bondtech Extruder to the Herculien-frame,

A mount to fit the Bondtech Extruder to the Herculien-frame, c-c distance is 60 mm to fit on the top 20x80 extrusion. Use 35 mm long M5 bolts and M5 T-slot nuts.

STL-file downloadable from http://www.bondtech.se/stl

That is awesome thank you!

You are welcome @Vic_Catalasan

I know what I’m printing tonight. Great job as always Martin.

really like the design @Martin_Bondeus , sexy. I’m going to print your housing in clear resin on my SLA printer…polish all surfaces to glass clear and smoothness so you can see all interior workings. I printed a glass clear version of @Walter_Hsiao 's housing on Thingiverse, it’s very cool to see the internal workings pushing filament onward.

That is cool @Brent_ONeill , have you started to use the extruders on your Herculien printer?

@Brent_ONeill Oh man that is very nice in deed. Can you provide pic’s of what you have already done? That must be a good sight. The filament available to us (as far as I know) is not 100% translucent and clear. :frowning:

Very nice!

That pic on Thingiverse was an attempt at an artsy type environment, sort-of got there. I have pics of the same housing loaded with the superb BondTech internals…I’ll try and get those posted soon. Too many projects, too much funage and not enough time. I should put my name in the hat for the longest Herc build, I haven’t got that far yet @Martin_Bondeus and @Gus_Montoya . Right now my SLA printer is inside the start of the frame for the Herc, running out of shop space. Thinking of moving my stove into storage and setting-up in the kitchen :wink: