A mini printed

A mini #3D printed #quadcopter

Very cool, and at a reasonable price point. I backed the project to get two quads for my boys.

I got the hexcopter (the six sided one). I can’t wait for it!

7 minutes flying time cooled me down quick.

@Anthony_Richie I really wanted that one, but thought one each for my boys would be better.

@Wilco_Roos Not a problem for kids with short attention spans! I think this will be my first taste, and I’ll go for a larger one shortly after. :wink:

Looking at the design, it seems to me to be quite easy to update it to a better battery. It has a lot of possibility’s and for a toy like this quite a low entree point $ wise :wink:

@Wilco_Roos I have a 200+ dollar helicopter that only has a 5 minutes flight :wink:

@Wilco_Roos larger and also heavier battery doesn’t necessarily increase the flying time, though.