a little question for the community ? actually two ?

a little question for the community ? actually two ?
Does the dual print head configuration work really well with the Replicator2 ? seems to be a horrible nightmare for ultimaker to get done ?

second question, for those who buy the replicator2 from makerbot, can users easily fix and upgrade this type of printer ? i know with repraps and ultimakers, if i have a problem or an idea to make things better, I can drill, cut, glue and oil until things work… when people have problems with replicators. do you call the photocopier guy ? :wink:
Ian :slight_smile:

Work really well? Heck no! Doubly so if you have to ask the question, because half the battle is designing for dual/multi-headed printing in the first place. :wink:

Since going closed-source on everything except the firmware and ReplicatorG, your upgrade options are rather limited. There is significant overlap with the original Replicator (my own machine) so you wouldn’t be totally screwed, but it’s not as easy for the extended community to come up with enhancements without the source for the modifications that have happened since.

Yes, you call the “photocopier guy” when you have problems. That seems to be the current business model path MakerBot has chosen, “like Apple”. It’s neither good nor bad; it makes sense for school-type environments where there isn’t necessarily a hard-core techie-enthusiast at hand to manage a more flexible-but-complicated platform. On the plus side, you’re not buying into the whole DRM-locked ecosystem being cultivated by 3D Systems.

Aside: It’s the “Replicator 2X” that’s dual-headed, not the Rep2.