A little more and the Thing should print.

A little more and the Thing should print. I am waiting for aluminum carriages X and Y and I will mount limit switches. There remains little solder and launch full functionality :slight_smile: Of course, expect small issues, as always, but at this stage everything is ok :slight_smile:

Awesome! What hot ends are you going for? I want it in alu now:)

For now I designed a X carriage for 2x E3D v5 hot end. The aluminum housing is robust enough and stiff :slight_smile:

Great! I would go for a V6 if you have not got two V5s lying around, and also E3D Titan as extruder in case you don’t want to make that for yourself as well!

Fortunately for the moment I have one piece of v5, so I can later test v6. I would like to make an inductive sensor but not all at once - the current target is the first effective print :slight_smile: Tomorrow I need to make new mounting for table from thicker angle - now the front of the table falls under its own weight.