A little bit off topic...

A little bit off topic…

Is anyone of you doing 2D-Stuff for let’s say cnc routers on a mac? Any CAD software you can recommend? I know you can create dxf files with sketchup, inkscape and other crazy software but having real, affordable CAD tools would be a glance :slight_smile:

I usually make DXF stuff the same way I make STL stuff: with OpenSCAD. There’s a lot you can’t do with OpenSCAD, though, and I’m looking for a tool that I can use to round corners and stuff (with actual curves, as laser/waterjet people tend to balk at the segmented ones) after exporting. All of the other tools I’ve tried for this are utter garbage.

interesting - unfortunately i’m not that good in wirting openSCAD scripts so far but maybe i could improve there.

Yes the CAM process is still another thing to solve and there’s also not yet a good mac osx tool for that. I though found some nice ones on windows and i’m using them on a vm so far. Estlcam (http://www.estlcam.de) is one of them but i think it’s german only currently.

just found out there’s indeed an international version of estlcam on http://estlcam.com/ - maybe you want to have a lookt at it. Licence costs are around 25€/30$ i think.

thanks - will have a look at that.

does anyone remember that browser based CAM software that flew around these days? Can’t find it anymore.

Draftsight was starting to piss me off like all the others, then I noticed the command line at the bottom. I think I could get used to this…

I like qcad for some reason http://www.qcad.org/en/ its 32 euro for the 3.0 version but the 2.0 one is free.

i already found qad the other day and bought it. i totally like it. unfortunately gcode production still is complicaed. there’s no mac tool around (well i found none) and only some are good windows ones hat are affordable (like estlcam i noted above).