A little bit of update,

A little bit of update, following feedback I had this week :slight_smile: Thanks to all!

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A short progress update regarding the latest evolution:(available on the dev branch until I release v0.3 end of January)

  • major (breaking) api change : instead of "return"ing a single object at the end of the scripts, you can now draw any number of objects , at any point in the code : the new syntax is assembly.add(object)
  • the assembly represents the “root” of the parts hierarchy that makes up your project
  • since we can now add & draw multiple individual objects, the 3d view has been re factored as well :each part added to the root assembly can be individually selected : while this is essentially cosmetic for now, it will be essential once visual editing will be implemented (visual-> code , code ->visual)
  • next up : refactoring the csg “compiling” phase to make use of web workers (faster, no more blocking Ui etc)

bleh. Project.add > Assembly.add - Oh well, I’ll get used to it. =D

Api is not final so if it really bothers a lot of people I can change it :slight_smile:
The reason I changed from “project” to “assembly” is :
the “project” is actually the whole set of different files, bom etc, while the assembly is the “root” element of the structure of parts: separation of concerns you could say :slight_smile: