A laser engraver for $20?

…And it has a protection cover!

Just noticed its claims to be made in the USA.


If it is too good to be true…


I did it just to see if it was real. You do have to pay $7.99 for shipping. They take PayPal so I’m not worried about getting a refund.

They claim to ship in 24 hours so if I do not see anything in a few days I will cancel.

I was tempted … then I realized you would buy it!
If it works the full price $60 would still be worth it??

I started the buying process, just to see the “gotcha” at shipping. Nothing! Worked out at £20 all in. But I didn’t proceed… and BOOM! Instant spam emails :rofl:

Yeah, they say it’s the LaserPecker 1 but the pics they show are for the LaserPecker 2 which is still in kickstarter for another 16 days at $600 USD.


maybe laser pecker 1 is rejects from the prototype.

Possible, but Laserpecker 1 has a completely different look.

You’re right mmmm.
Watching the videos and other articles lead me to believe it’s NOT made in America???

Interesting idea none the less. I wonder if it a galvo device.

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I did receive a confirmation email. It will be interesting to see what/if ships!


Scams…I just saw an article on this type of thing the other day. You will be shipped a trinket with garbage ( sunglasses or yoyo). And because they can show paypal a tracking number you will never get a refund.

Save your cash.


I had forgotten about this but found an update in my PayPal account that it has been shipped!
I checked my email and found the shipping info. Not sure how I missed it. PayPal says I have until July 11th to dispute the transaction if I do not receive the item. We will see!
laser shipped s

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Hah! I was wondering how that got on

Good luck :+1:


Well I received a shipment from them but it certainly was not a laser! For the handsome price of $27.98, I received a pair of 99 cent safety glasses!

PayPal refunded my payment so all is good and I am up a pair of safety glasses!


Wow how chezy is that!


Sort of surprised you got anything honestly. A lot of these will pop up with a good deal, take some orders, then just vanish.


This site is gone also…