A homemade filastruder project...

(Dinçer Hepgüler) #1

A homemade filastruder project… Details on my site at:

(Alex Wiebe) #2

Looking forward to your experience / experiment. I’ve wondered about how these extruders avoid bubbles in the filament - I can see air pockets between the pellets getting trapped as they melt and being forced along and out the nozzle thereby creating defects / inconsistencies in the filament being extruded.

(Tim Elmore) #3

Air pockets don’t get trapped because the melting rate and local velocities are so low with home based extruders.

Dincer, in my experience Nema23 motors have about 1-2Nm of torque. Also in my experience, you need around 6-8Nm.

Source: created the Filastruder.

(Dinçer Hepgüler) #4

Thx Tim,
I was not also sure about nema23 stepper usage, I think I will decide on using a more powerful dc gearmotor (like car windshield motor) or will give a try to my household drill…
650watts is more than enough, 200-300watts even at slow speed…

(Tim Elmore) #5

Household drill is far too fast, you need speeds of around 5RPM, not 1500.

(Dinçer Hepgüler) #6

yes I know, I was talking about a drill with speed control… screwing mode… these deliver low torques at low speeds but 200-300watts even at low speed…

(Matt Kraemer) #7

@Tim_Elmore1 I have Nema 34’s and 48v power supplies. Do you think it’s worth a try?