A Halloween treat for you CNC'ers.


A Halloween treat for you CNC’ers.

Originally shared by John Lauer

Some Halloween fun using ChiliPeppr.

(Dat Chu) #2

That. Is crazy. ly awesome stuff right there. Originally I thought you laser cut the acrylic but but it turned out to be milled. :slight_smile: Very nice looking.


I would have used a solenoid valve, but those are either on or off and I needed the flame to always stay on but at a low value, thus why a stepper was better. I also wanted to build an animation model which Gcode did for me quite easily.

(Mat Helm) #4

You really need to add a valve down stream from the main tank valve, and attach your stepper to that. Not only would it be easier, but much better from a safety point…

Then add steppers to the control fins and what not on the rocket. Maybe even to the mount allowing you to rotate the whole rocket. To aim it if you will…

(Mat Helm) #5

Also add some fins inside your exit to maybe get a nice whistle sound and more directed flame…


@Dat_Chu I can’t get my 3W blue laser to cut white acrylic. I don’t have a CO2 and don’t want one as the flying optics are a pain. I do have an IPG Photonics 33W fiber diode laser I’m going to get working soon, but need to terminate the fiber and that’s a $1000 kit. I have really good success milling acrylic and it performs well. Not as good as aluminum performs though.

@Mat_Helm I am worried about safety, so that’s not a bad idea. This has to run for 6 hours straight so I’m going to do a test this week.