A good machine for cutting wood

Hi All,

I would like to cut complex patterns in 3-4mm plywood with laser. My goal is to make clean and burn free cuts as fast as possible, probably with one path.
What kind of laser has the best energy level and wave length for that job? Can non CO2 diode lasers cut wood?

Can you recommend an exact non industrial size laser cutter for that?

Thank You

How big do you need to be able to cut?

I’m not really tied to the cutting size. I think around 15 or 20 inch square(ish) would be nice.

You would be best to stick with a CO2 laser, the K40 would be appropriate for you for what you want to do.

Thank you for the answer. I’ve read that diode lasers are easier to maintain.
Can be diode lasers strong enough to cut a 3mm wood?

Not without many, many passes.

I see. Thank you.
K40 then:)

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