A few photos of my build.

A few photos of my build. I’m calling it finished but I already have a few mods in mind. Since my last post i have got the bed working - 10mm cast aluminium with 3 point levelling and it is working really well. It’s bulletproof flat although it takes quite a while to cool down after a print so might look for a removable build surface. Initially the bed moved a bit. The cause was play in the LM10LUU linear bearings which I got from Robotdigg. I got the rods from Misumi so I ordered new bearings from them and they are perfect - just tolerance differences.

Duet wifi is fantastic. The interface is great and the printer is quiet apart from the blower/fan so might look to modify cooling to dual noctua fans or some other mod - ideas welcome!

Have also fitted Gates GT3 2m belts to X/Y.

Benchy at 0.16 layer height, 45mm/sec. Still workining on optimising speed/retraction/coast settings etc but really happy. Thanks again to all who offered advice along the way.

Looks beautiful!
(and way tidier than mine)

Have you seen this event?

Your work is exceptionally clean and professional. Bravo. And great looking benchy. Thank you so much for sharing during your journey.

@Julian_Dirks , I Don’t have a duetwifi. Does ReprapFirmware allow you to backup your settings? If so can you supply a backup of yours for use out on the GitHub to help others?

@Eclsnowman with the duetwifi all settings are stored as gcode files, so very easy to backup.
I’d be happy to add mine, but have some deviations from the norm, so I’m not sure how useful that yould be…

@Oliver_Seiler @Eclsnowman Thanks for your kind comments. My first build so it’s been a great learning exercise and so far has delivered everything I was hoping for.

@Eclsnowman Yes of course I’m happy to. @Oliver_Seiler is this just the config.g file? or should I inlcude more?

@Julian_Dirks It’s the whole folder under /sys/ with the exception of eventlog, config-override.
I’ve got a copy of mine here, just ned to get it into Github…

I put my config here
@Eclsnowman I hope I’ve done everything the right way

Thank you for the contribution @Oliver_Seiler . I hope it can help builders in the future. One of these days I am going to get a reprapfirmware based board to try out. Everyone I have talked to and trust raves about them.

Looks familiar :wink: Great job !

@Maxime_Favre Thanks! Yes I really liked your build and also found your photos super useful when trying to lay everything out. Hopefully others will find my photos useful. I thought I might write a post with a few learnings as well. Cheers

@Julian_Dirks If you have time, please do write a post with some pictures of your specific design choices and things you learned along the journey. Thats great information for a future potential builder.

Great work!

Beautiful build. Is the pad heater sagging or is that a wire? Might want to put a backing plate behind it to prevent droop which could burn out your heater or worse

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make looks like the thermistor wires going to the center of the pad going over the top of the heated section.

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make Thanks Mike. Yes Eric is correct it’s the built in thermistor on the Keenovo heater. I’ve noticed that people don’t have a great deal of faith in built in thermistors in general and make allowances for adding another one (custom hole in the heater pad to allow access to the middle of the bed). I don’t have that but if I have to add one later on I’ll put it at the edge. Cheers