A few more pics of first prints on my Spider V2.

A few more pics of first prints on my Spider V2.

Marvin was print #1- 0.2mm and 205C PLA. No part cooking fan was a negative. Re-calibrated the extruder also

I did a second Marvin but it appears that he has been ‘lost’ according to my 6yr old

Benchy was done at 0.2mm also, some issues w/ improper retracts (the blobs after the rapid moves) also that one layer where there was limited perimeter fill, not sure what that is? I increased my retracts (to 1.5mm from 1mm). I’m printing a second Benchy right now.

Here’s another odd thing… this print (video) is off the simplify3d page on ‘perfect first layers’

You’ll see one edge of this print is terrible quality… it appears to be all positional error, the side opposite is fairly good but for some reason that one edge/side just looks rotten.

I’ll find a place to post my FFF file, it’s basically the one in the GitHub w/ a couple tiny tweaks.

One thing I will say is with Bowden you need far longer retraction than with direct drive. For example I run between 4.5mm to 6.5mm depending on the filament type I am running on my Eustathios. The reason is there is slack in the system that must be overcome, and if you have a softer compressible filament it needs to be longer because the length will change between being in compression (extrude) vs tension (retract).

I will go over your factory file once you are done uploading it to make some recommendations.

Second Benchy 0.1mm layers 1.5mm retract

Scratch that… that is the same pic of the original Benchy print

@jerryflyguy to support you further, it looks like extrusion stopped somwhere like 10mm from the bottom. Anything happende there? Further I notice some kind of moiree like pattern on the outside. At what speed are you printing? Changing speed might solve this.

@Roland_Barenbrug yes, I determined that the roll feeding was an issue. I’ve printed a new filament roll mount and that issue seems to have been solved. This part (pictured here) was printed at 80mm/s . I’ve posted a video of a more recent print at 60mm/s which has a different surface texture.