A few Eustathios Spider V2 questions....

The wire harness coming off of my Viki 2.0 LCD, where does this SDCD wire go? I don’t see a pin labeled 2.13 or SDCD on my Azteeg X5 Mini.

@Erik_Scott Did you get a good night sleep? Do you think I could print that design and see if it works?

It’s on the printer as we speak, but I’m off to bed now. Tomorrow evening I’ll make a post with the models and some pics. You’re farther along on your build, so I’d be interested in your input on how well it works.

Sounds good. I appreciate you designing something for cooling the Azteeg X5 Mini. I’m sure it will work well.

I checked it this morning. I got a lot of issues with the overhang at the top. I’m going to slow it down, add some support, and try again. I’ll keep you posted.

@Erik_Scott I got that air duct printed out. Works good. Thank you!!! How is the cable chain coming along? I would like to put on the heated bed but need something that looks good to put the wiring in.

@Eclsnowman I don’t know if this is a limitation of Octoprint but in Repetier Host I can extrude at different speeds. I have my extruder motor set at 1/32 micro stepping. Not sure if that is right.

Before the filament enters the extruder motor, do you use the Bowden tubing and if so do you tie it to anything? It doesn’t seem right to let it just sit in mid air.

On the fans. In Repetier Host I can set speeds for my print job. It doesn’t seem like that is going to be possible with the Azteeg X5 mini. Am I missing something here? The other day when I had my main cooling duct fan running (white fan in the picture of my printer) and the fan for the extruder it didn’t seem like it could get up to PLA operating temperatures. Will I be able to turn these fans on and off with the button in Octoprint?

I think that is all. :slight_smile: