A few Eustathios Spider V2 questions....

A few Eustathios Spider V2 questions…

What are you wiring the 24V fan that cools the equipment to? Does this run the entire time the printer has power?

There will be more questions soon… :slight_smile:

Electronics will def need active cooling, running all the time, best is to run one 80mm or a little bigger fan direct 110v for this … which board are you running ?

i have found the XY axis and extruder steppers motors as well run peacefully if you mount a 40mm fan as well and cool them every few mins or keep them at a 60 -70% speed once a couple of layers are done… i would especially in enclosed heated chamber situations, …
stepper motors can have an alu heat sink/or copper plates attached which help in keeping it cool … i use heatsinks with fans for those steppers just as a precaution (i run my printers round the clock, with this setup :slight_smile: … i also read somewhere you could use heatsinks with/without peltier modules … so there will be no sound …

pls try and look at Kühling & Kühling printer especially the pics … they run a water cooling system on all their stepper motors, since they a use a controlled heated chamber which reaches close to to 70 - 80 degree C. (i think)

hope this helps

can you confirm what you mean by equipment? Board, hotend-heatsink, etc.

Equipment as in Raspberry Pi and Azteeg X5 mini.

Yes run that all the time the printer is on. Just wire it directly to the 24V supply. Also I always meant to design a duct to direct the air down onto the X5 board, I just never got around to it. If anyone want to help a guy out and model that up I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman I got it wired up and running now. :slight_smile: I just wired it off the Azteeg X5 Mini Input.

One of these days I need to spend some time and learn how to design stuff so I can print it.

@Eclsnowman I was thinking the same thing. I’m on it. Going to be adding a mount for a cable carrying chain to the bed frame as well. Stand by.

@Eclsnowman Here’s what I came up with: http://i.imgur.com/KqwFSWR.png

@Erik_Scott oh Man. That looks great. You have a shot of it in assembly from a side view. Looks like it divides the air up to spread across the drivers?

That’s awesome!!! Can’t wait to print it and test it out!!!

@Eclsnowman I wasn’t thinking about the drivers so much as just getting air across the whole board. As long as air is moving, things will improve. But yes, that’s the general idea. The air is split into two channels.

Here’s the final assembly: http://i.imgur.com/GkJbgDu.jpg

Man that looks great. Awesome job. I am going to come to you for modeling now. You put me to shame.

I’d be happy to. I’m going to make a few more tweaks, sleep on it, and then I’ll send out the final version. Glad you like it!

@Erik_Scott good job - looks great.

@bcrazycramer If the fan needs to be constantly on is mostly depending on your electronics. I’m using the RADDS board with the Arduino Due that has enough Power outputs to switch additional Fans. My Board cooling is automatically switching on when the motors are powered. This is the time when the drivers are producing heat and where’s need to cool down. My E3D fan is activating as soon as the Hotend is powered or is warmer than 50°C so it runs when the hotend first switches on until it cools back down to below 50°C. This makes the printer nearly “sleep” when it not prints. I only need to work out a good solution for the PSU, something like a self-switching-mechanism would be good to switch the printer off after a long print :slight_smile:

@Helmi This fan is 24v so the only place to hook it up will be where there is constant 24v. There isn’t a place to put it on Azteeg X5 mini that is 24v except the input.

@bcrazycramer oh, ok - it don’t know the Azteeg X5 mini so i didn’t know how many powered outputs there are. The RADDS has 6 of them which can be used for Extruders, Heatbed and/or Fans http://doku.radds.org/dokumentation/radds/- i also think you need to have Repetier Firmware running as the others don’t yet support additional Fan control besides via GCODE but i may be wrong on that.

There is a setting in Marlin with a pin assignment that will turn a PWM fan on when there is stepper movement and will shut off after a period of time. Works well for me so far. Really do not need to run fan all the time since drivers do not heat when not holding or moving steppers or anything on the board.

Oh, didn’t know Marlin also supports this. Sounds like the same as in Repetier. Only switches the fan on when the motors are powered and if they unpower automatically after a timeout that is to be set in the EEPROM settings the fan turns off again. Comfortable feature.

At first I placed the fan on/off command on my start and stop Gcode in my pronterface now that it is in my boards firmware no more worries. Either way it works. You really only need a bit of airflow so running the fan on a PWM pin will let you set specific fan speed which is nice in reducing noise.