A few days ago,

(Louise Driggers) #1

A few days ago, I made a post about an articulated cyborg penguin I had made for Snolabs. He will put your printer through its paces, as he has the following points of articulation:

  1. Turning head
  2. Moving wings
  3. Legs that can twist and fold
  4. Moving tail

There are 2 versions a 100mm and 80mm. The difference is some tweaking of tolerances to allow for scaling and not risk welded joints:-)

I found the following worked well:

.2 layer height
3 perimeters (this is very important, especially for the smaller guy)
15% infill
60mm/s but I am a printing slow coach…

Available in all the usual places but I shall link to Cults here:

(david merten) #2

Glad to see you back online! Your creations are always amazing! I am a big fan of your work! Thanks to the company also for releasing the models!

(Anthony Bolgar) #3

Thank you for this.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #4

Another very nice design. I’ve printed the smaller one so far.

(Louise Driggers) #5

@Jeff_DeMaagd Wonderful - he’s an ice penguin! Excellent print - thank for making and posting.

(Eric Lien) #6

Glow in the dark PLA. My boys are already fighting over it. A second one is printing now to help keep the peace.

Wonderful work as always @Louise_Driggers missing/deleted image from Google+

(Eric Lien) #7

Another shotmissing/deleted image from Google+

(Keyur Barot) #8

Very good

(Louise Driggers) #9

@Eclsnowman Ha! He’s fantastic. If you have time once you print the other one, maybe you could take a picture of them both glowing together. So happy your boys enjoy him.

(Louise Driggers) #10

So I just spoke to Norman from Snolabs and he says if you post your makes to Twitter and use the tag #SnoLabd3D then you can get 10% off a roll of their filament. It’s very nice indeed.

@Eclsnowman @Jeff_DeMaagd